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"At the last minute, we decided to hire Oasis Video to videotape our wedding as opposed to letting a friend videotape the day. I think this decision was one of the best that we made for our wedding day. After spending so much money on various details for the wedding, the video was one of the few things that we got to keep. I am extremely pleased with our video, particularly the highlight portion that was put to music, as Oasis captured the mood, excitement and joy of our day. I was very impressed with their professionalism and ability to depict so many different aspects of our wedding without once being obtrusive. Thank you Oasis for producing a product that my wife and I will treasure for the rest of our lives!"
Brad (2001)


"Oasis Video did a wonderful job not only taping our wedding day but also editing it into a memorable keepsake. We originally decided to hire a videographer to tape our wedding ceremony and reception for the purpose of being able to show our kids someday. Instead, we received a perfectly edited video that captured the most special moments of the day. We have shared our video with family and friends on numerous occasions."
Arja (2001)


"Best investment we made in regards to our wedding day. The video captured so many moments that I had no idea even happened. Thank you for preserving this special day for us."
Erik (2000)


"They (Oasis Video) told us they could edit a wedding tape for us using our existing wedding footage. The raw footage we delivered to them was taken by a relative using an old camera so the quality of footage was not the best. We were blown away at what they were able to do with the tape we gave them. It is amazing what some music and special effects will do to recreate the mood."
Jessica (1999)

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